Polar Tourism Guides Association Assessment

Vindekilde, Denmark

4th - 6th October 2020 - 3 places left 

25th - 27th October 2020 - 2 places left

Lake Kaniere, New Zealand

7th - 9th April 2021 - 4 places left

We offer a three-day assessment that covers four core Polar Qualifications (PQ's). This is Polar Tourism Guides Association (PTGA) assessment delivered by the Expedition Guide Academy. The assessment can be done in conjunction with the Comprehensive Guide Course or on its own. Please note: participants on the Comprehensive Guide Course will have priority when booking the assessments.  

We highly recommend combing these assessments with the Comprehensive Guide Course.

The three-day assessment covers the following Polar Qualifications (PQs):

Communications for Polar Operations 

Navigation Skills for Polar Operations  

Working with Small Boats/ Zodiacs 

Driving Small Boats/ Zodiacs* 

*Please note: Communications for Polar Operations, Navigation Skills for Polar Operations and Working with Small Boats/ Zodiacs are all required pre-requisites for the Driving Small Boats/ Zodiacs qualification. You'll also need a current first-aid certificate.

All PTGA assessment candidates need to be PTGA members before qualifications can be issued. 

Arrival and Departure:

In the interests of maximising course delivery and instructor contact time, participants will need to arrive the evening prior to the assessment and will depart the morning after the final day. 


We offer accommodation on-site at our training facility for US$40 per night. You're more than welcome to organise your own accommodation and stay off-site but we do encourage participants to stay on-site and engaged in the full immersive learning environment. Due to accommodation numbers, participants on the Comprehensive Guide Course will have priority when booking.

Price: US$ 649 per person

Minimum: 3 participants

Maximum: 6 participants 

Minimum Age: 18 

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