Bespoke training for individuals


Comprehensive Guide Course

Gain the foundation skills and knowledge for guiding aboard expedition cruise vessels. The Comprehensive Guide course prepares and train you to enter the industry as a safe, professional and confident guide.


Telling Compelling Stories - Online Course

Gain a greater understanding of the science behind effective presentations, and be furnished with a set of tools and a proven methodology, for creating and delivering a compelling story.

Updated course coming in 2022!


PTGA Assessments

Gain certification on your skills. We offer 3 days of assessments in continuation of our Comprehensive Guide course


Polar Bear Safety & Firearm Handling Course

Gain a greater understanding of safe operating procedures and practices in polar bear habitats. The Polar Bear Safety & Firearm Handling course covers training in non-lethal polar bear safety and firearm handling.


We offer a full range of training courses specifically designed for individual guides. These courses range from foundation skills, for those looking to join the expedition industry, all the way through to advanced skills for those already working and guiding in the expedition industry. 

Sometimes finding the right combination of courses can seem a little daunting, especially for those new to the industry. Don't hesitate in dropping us an email to find out more about what skills/ course is best for your needs.