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Zodiac Rescue Training  (ZRT)

Elevating Professional Competency in Expedition Operations

Course Overview

Audience: Zodiac Drivers and Non-Driving Staff
Focus: Self and Group Rescue Skills Enhancement

The ZRT course is specifically designed to empower zodiac drivers and expedition staff with advanced tools, strategies, and understanding critical for effective self and group rescue operations. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of expedition environments, this course aims to exceed the standard professional requirements, thereby equipping participants with a significant skills and knowledge buffer for real-world challenges.


Language: English Proficient 

Age: 18+

Previous experience: None required

Who is the course for?

For expedition teams (6-12 staff) looking to take their rescue understanding and capabilities to the next level

Format: Online & in-person

Duration: 2-days + pre-course learning

Price: Price on enquiry 

Course Structure

The training is segmented into three interactive parts, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience:

Pre-Course Material (Online)

  • Exploration of heuristic traps in decision-making.

  • A detailed review of essential terminology.

  • Analysis of causal factors in accidents and incidents.

Land-Based Activity

  • Emphasis on personal preparedness for drivers and staff members.

  • In-depth comparison of lifejacket and floatation device types.

  • Practical training on throw bag usage and strategies.

  • Focus on zodiac preparation and safe driving practices.

  • Techniques for package and backboard transportation during expeditions.

Water-Based Activity

  • Hands-on experience in flipping a zodiac and performing self-rescue and group rescues.

  • Developing strategies for managing single and multiple swimmers.

  • Gaining insights into personal strengths and limitations in rescue scenarios.

  • Training in emergency towing techniques.

Additional Course Details

Target Audience:
This training is exclusively available to professional expedition companies, ensuring tailored content that addresses specific operational needs.

Practical Experience:

Participants should be prepared for intensive hands-on training, including time in the water and scenarios designed to push them beyond their comfort zones.

Prepare Your Team for the Unpredictable

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