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Zodiac Rescue Training

Our online course is designed for those currently working in the expedition industry or those looking to join the industry. The course focuses on a self-directed learning component followed by 2x four-hour live online classroom sessions with our qualified expedition first-aid trainer. 


Participants will develop and refresh their understanding of basic crisis management and the first aid emergency care process for expeditions operation.

Course Content

  • Ship-based operations

  • Site management

  • Patient Assessment

  • Environment Exposure

  • Trauma

  • Allergies

  • Medical Events

Course Overview

Expedition First-aid - self-directed learning through our online classroom, 2x four-hour online classroom sessions. 

This course is recognised by the Polar Tourism Guides Association (PTGA) and can be used to meet the prerequisite first-aid requirements for their awards. 

Please note: this course does not have a CPR component because this element is taught and assessed in person.


Language: English Proficient 

Age: 18+

Previous experience: None required

Who is the course for?

Seasoned guides and those new to the industry.

The course is designed for anyone looking to develop and refresh their first aid emergency care. 

Format: Online

Duration: Approx 12 hours (8 hours tudor contact)

Price: USD $649 per person


March 12th UTC 18:00


Copenhagen 19:00 

Longyearbyen 19:00

Edinburgh 18:00

New York 14:00

Denver 12:00

Vancouver 11:00

Cape Horn 11:00

March 13th 

Auckland 7:00 am

Sydney 5:00 am

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