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Zodiac Rescue Training

2024 will see the addition of Zodiac Rescue Training (ZRT) to our professional development line-up.

This course is aimed at giving zodiac drivers and non-driving staff better tools, strategies and understanding when it comes to self and group rescue. Professional guiding is as much knowing what you can do as it is knowing what you can't.


We believe that professional guides should train and be skilled to a higher level of competency than what is required in day-to-day expedition operations. This way, when the conditions demand it, participants will have more of a skills/knowledge buffer to deal with whatever our wild places through at them. Having your staff


The training is broken down into three parts. Pre-course (online), land-based and water-based exercises. This is a hands-on course so expect to spend time in the water and time outside your comfort zone. Yes, you will get wet. 


Pre-course material

  • Heuristic traps

  • Terminology 

  • Understanding causal factors in accidents/incidents

Land-based activity


  • Personal preparedness as a driver/ staff member

  • Lifejacket/floatation types - pros & cons

  • Throw bag use and strategies 

  • Importance of prepping zodiac correctly

  • Strategies for safe driving practices alone & and in pairs

  • Package & backboard transportation


Water-based activity


  • Flip a zodiac

  • Self-rescue & and group rescue

  • Tools and strategies for dealing with single/multiple swimmers

  • Understanding  personal strengths and limitations in rescue situations


  • Emergency towing techniques

This training is only available to expedition companies.



Language: English Proficient 

Age: 18+

Previous experience: None required

Who is the course for?

For expedition teams (6-12 staff) looking to take their rescue understanding and capabilities to the next level

Format: Online & in-person

Duration: 2-days + pre-course learning

Price: Price on enquiry 

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