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Bespoke training for your Expedition Teams

As the expedition cruise industry grows, so does the need for well trained professional staff. Busy itineraries, revolving teams and product focus mean that delivering in-house training can be less effective and offer less continuity in information and skill delivery. 

We can deliver a variety of programmes to suit the needs of your operation and the needs of your staff. From simple guide refresher courses through to comprehensive hard and soft skill development, communication strategies and more. 

Location of staff and vessels can be logistically challenging for training. Send your teams to our central training location in Denmark, or have our instructors come to you. 


Guide Refresher

Ensure your guides are refreshed, up-skilled and ready for their expedition season. These courses also serve to bring teams together and work with another before the season begins.


Custom Course

Have a specific set of needs for you expedition team. Talk with us about building a customised program designed to suit your specific needs. 


Our Base

Our base in Denmark can easily accommodate date your expedition staff. Lecture room, commercial kitchen, lounge and accomodation all within a two minute walk of the ocean. 

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