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Expedition Leadership Course

Transforming Leadership in the Expedition Cruise Industry

Course Overview

Delivery: Written Modules, Engaging Webinars, Interactive Discussion Boards

Intended Audience: Current and Aspiring Leaders in the Expedition Cruise Industry

Join the Expedition Guide Academy's Expedition Leadership Course, meticulously designed to deepen your understanding of leadership in the unique context of expedition cruising. Explore comprehensive modules covering leadership theories, effective communication, risk management, and more, to prepare you for leading confidently in remote and challenging environments.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction to Expedition Leadership

    • Delve into the core principles of leadership specifically tailored for outdoor settings, exploring its historical roots and evolution.

  2. Core of Leadership

    • Examine the crucial differences between leadership and management.

    • Study contemporary leadership theories and the vital role of emotional intelligence.

    • Learn to lead diverse teams through changing dynamics with adaptability and foresight.

  3. Communication Mastery

    • Master the art of effective communication, a key to successful expedition leadership.

    • Develop skills for clear and assertive communication, along with active listening techniques to ensure mutual understanding and effective feedback.

  4. Heuristic Traps in Outdoor Leadership

    • Understand the concept of heuristic traps and their impact in the dynamic environments of outdoor leadership.

    • Equip yourself with strategies to recognize and avoid common heuristic pitfalls.

  5. Crisis Management & Decision Making

    • Gain insights into identifying and responding to crises in expedition settings.

    • Explore decision-making models that balance the urgency of situations with the overarching need for safety.

  6. Risk Management in Expeditions

    • Learn to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, a crucial skill for any expedition leader.

    • Incorporate continuous risk assessment tools into your leadership toolkit.

  7. Team Dynamics & Conflict Resolution

    • Develop strategies for building and nurturing high-performing teams.

    • Acquire effective conflict resolution skills, essential for harmonious team dynamics in expeditions.

  8. Voyage & Excursion Planning

Interactive Components

  • Discussion Boards: Collaborate and engage with peers, expanding your learning through shared experiences and ideas.

  • Webinars: Participate in deeper explorations of key topics with seasoned industry experts.

  • Real-world Scenarios: Apply your knowledge to analyze and discuss real-life case studies, enhancing your practical understanding and readiness.


  • Receive a Certificate of Completion, symbolising your advanced skills and preparedness for leadership roles in the expedition cruise industry.

Ideal Candidates

This course is perfectly suited for individuals actively involved in the expedition cruise industry, looking to step into or enhance their leadership roles. Whether you're a seasoned leader, embarking on your leadership journey, or simply wanting to gain more insight into leadership and its essential function in the Expedition Industry. This course provides invaluable insights and tools for excellence in expedition leadership.

Begin Your Leadership Transformation with The Expedition Guide Academy


Language: English Proficient 

Age: 18+

Previous experience: None required

Who is the course for?

Those new to the industry and seasoned guides. The course is designed for anyone looking to become more proficient and confident in operating in polar bear terrain and with firearm handling.  

Ratio practical firearm training: Maximum 1:6

Ratio non-lethal theory: Maximum 1:24

Course minimum: 10

Price: USD 1499

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Safety and Responsibility

  • The safety of all participants is paramount. Our instructors have the authority to modify or halt training if safety standards are not met.

  • A waiver acknowledging the risks and personal responsibility is required from each participant.


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