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A one-day course designed to get guides back up to speed and ready for the 2021 Arctic season. The day is split between a firearm refresher with instructors and time out on the water in our Zodiac Mark 5.

Cinema Range

After the classroom session, participants will move to the cinema range where they will undertake live firing with a variety of weapons.


  • Introduction to cinema range

  • Practising sequence of transitioning from flare pistol to rifle

  • Shooting positions

  • Shooting stationary target

  • Shooting moving target

Note: The course has been will shoot with a variety of weapons. Those who have tried shooting a 30-06 calibre rifle before will know it can be a little hard on the body (shoulder). To maximise your training, you'll have access to, and be able to shoot with lower calibre weapons so as to maximise your time at the range.


Language: English Proficient 

Age: 18+

Previous experience: Must have previous arctic guiding experience.

Who is the course for?

Seasoned guides looking to refresh their skills for the 2021 Arctic season. After the loss of the 2020 Arctic season and the 2020/21 Antarctic season, it's been a long time between rifle rounds and zodiac shuttles.

Date: 30th April -1st May 2021

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Course size: 12 participants (6 minimum)

Day 2 - Firearm Safety and Handling

Participants will train at a state-of-the-art indoor facility in Copenhagen with professional instructors. The shooting range utilises data projectors and infrared technology to display and track moving targets for live firing exercises. Participants receive instant visual feedback from every shot allowing for instant adjustment in technique. The focus of this day is to take participants beyond minimal competency and give them the knowledge and skill to handle firearms safely, confidently and respectfully.



  • Introduction to rifles used in expedition operations

  • Servicing and maintenance firearms for expedition operations

  • Use of firearms in expedition operations - storage, transportation and procedures for land-based excursions.

Note: The classroom is 'hands-on'. Participants will strip and service a variety of firearms used in expedition operations. We believe as professional guides, we should have the training and skills to deal with a variety of equipment. 

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