Zodiac Driving and Small

Boat Handling

1 day | 2 day - Course Options

Classroom + Practical 

Assessment Available


Zodiac driving and small boat handling are the backbones of the expedition industry. At the Expedition Guide Academy, we cover a full range of skills and certification for drivers of all abilities.


From onboard equipment, passenger embarkation, driver stance and troubleshooting through to driving in high winds, swell, stern landings and capsize, we've got you covered.


We're able to customise program delivery to cover your specific needs. All of our Zodiac and Small Boat Driving courses are taught to the Polar Tourism Guides Association (PTGA) framework.


Driver assessments and certification available.


Learn to drive a Zodiac/ Small boat

1-day course

Course content:


Learn the boat/gear

Driving techniques

Driver stances


Embark/ disembark guests

Basic man overboard (MOB)




  • Assessment is available.

  • Can be combined with Intermediate Zodiac training

USD $299



Intermediate Zodiac and Small Boat Driving

1-day course

Course content:


Intermediate driving techniques

Driving theory - wind/swell

Beach Landing Strategies

Man overboard (MOB)

Advanced anchoring techniques 

Throw bag use



  • Assessment is available.

  • Can be combined with Advanced Zodiac training

US$ 349 pp


Advanced Zodiac/ Small Boat Driving

2-day course


Course content:


Stern landings

Zodiac / small boat capsize and recovery


Advanced MOB

Hi-speed beaching

Casualty transport

Driving in ice*

Driving in high wind*

Surf zone operations*

Landing on an ice floe*


*Theory Component

US$ 699 pp


The advanced level course can be combined with the intermediate level course for a three-day course.

  • Assessment is available. 

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